martes, 18 de agosto de 2015

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro v8.0.2398 - UNION (MEGA)

Build 2398 (12 August 2015)
  • Master VU meter reflects master_balance
  • Fake Master no longer affects master volume
  • Fix video slideshow not progressing to next videos when duration is set to full
  • when controller is defined with 1×1 sample pads, the selected sample (sampler_select) is highlighted on the skin
  • cda audio track always reloaded to ensure correct file when inserting a new cd
  • new VDJScript command ‘browsed_file_rename’ to rename the currently selected file in the browser
  • new VDJScript command ‘browsed_file_analyze’ to (re)analyze the currently selected file(s) in the browser
  • new VDJScript command ‘reanalyze’ to reanalyze a file loaded on a deck
  • ‘No 3/4′ option added to Loop Roll to skip the 3/4 loop roll when using the slider parameter
  • new setting quantizeLoop (VDJScript quantize_loop) adjusts loop positions to snap to a quantized grid position
  • new setting quantizeSetCue (VDJScript quantize_setcue) adjusts the setting of cue points to snap to a quantized grid position
  • setting smartCueQuantize renamed to globalQuantize
  • Fix incorrect aspect ratio on some wmv’s
  • Fix potential crash in sound config window   
Pass: djex

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